Why you should choose PROMISE


I. Personal Hygiene & Grooming
II. Manner & etiquettes
III. Welcoming guests
IV. Conversation
V. Basic of guest service
VI. Handling guest complain
VII. Service recovery
VIII. Farewell
IX. Post departure activities
X. Basic Spoken English
XI. Telephone conversations
XII. Time management
XIII. Guest’s review & staffs responsibility
XIV. See something, say something

Duration: Minimum 10 Hours.

The training is suitable for the staffs of
→ Reception,
→ Telephone,
→ Bell desk,
→ Housekeeping,
→ F&B service,
→ Transport,
→ Sales,
→ Security &
→ Engineering etc.

Methods of the training
→ Lecture
→ Power point presentations
→ Video
→ Group discussion
→ Property visit
→ Tests

The future is bright.

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